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Woodchip Smoker Box SS


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Smoking meat on the BBQ has reached huge popularity in the foodie world. Add that extra flair of flavour to your food with this Woodchip Smoker Box and show your friends how much of a barbie wiz you are!

Add woodchips to the smoker (these can be purchased from your local barbecue or hardware store). As the chips begin to smoke, your meat, chicken, fish and vegetables become mouth-wateringly smoky and flavoursome!

Pre-soak your wood chips in water (or beer, wine or stock for extra flavour if desired) for 30 minutes and remove excess liquid with a colander.

Fill your smoker box with pre-soaked wood chips and place on the grill rack of your barbecue. As soon as smoke becomes visible, carefully place the lid onto the smoker box. You are now ready to start cooking your meat next to the smoker box. Keep your barbecue lid closed to ensure the smoke is infused into your meat.

If smoking for an extended period, refill your pre-soaked wood chips to ensure intense flavouring throughout.