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Punch Neoprene first became popular for their signature style tote bags. Made from wetsuit material these stylish handbags are versatile and easy to clean. They come in a gorgeous range of colours to suit any style or occasion. 

The Punch Neoprene range is perfect for a busy everyday life without compromising your style. The tote bags have plenty of room to fit everything you need to take you from uni, the gym, work and your weekly Sunday brunch sessions! Made from 100% neoprene fabric these bags are water-resistant and machine washable.

Punch Neoprene has also recently introduced other styles to their neoprene range. If you're after something a little smaller than head for their shoulder clutch. They have two different sizes. The larger one is perfect to hold your lip gloss, wallet, keys and phone, plus a few little extras. The smaller one is great for when you're quickly dashing outside to catch up with friends or to run errands. It'll fit all the necessities. Both bags have detachable straps and are super easy to clean... just chuck them in the wash!

Find our amazing selection of Punch Neoprene bags and totes in our Melbourne CBD stores and online.