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Be part of the 'War On Waste ' and help cut down landfill by using a KeepCup. A KeepCup is a perfect gift for yourself or your coffee drinking friend. 

KeepCup's mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups.  They do this by delivering sustainably made products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference in how we think about convenience culture. They are a great alternative to paper cups you get with your takeaway coffee that ends up in  landfill.

KeepCup started when brother-sister due started a cafe in Melbourne in 1998 and noticed that as the business grew so did the volume of packaging wastes from both the business and customers. Because of this concern they looked to purchase and sell reusable cups as an alternative to disposable. They quickly realised that what was already out in the market were unsuitable for speciality coffee. The mugs that were available needed heating before you put coffee into them and they were also made from composite materials making them dishwasher unfriendly and difficult to recycle at the end of life. 

A few years later, with a great deal of help from design professionals, they have kick-started a behavioural change in Melbourne that is spreading across the world. People now purchase KeepCups because they love the way they look and feel, and continue doing so because they form a positive habit. For many of our customers, it has been the beginning of a journey to reduce the consequences of convenience behaviour. Feel good. Do good!