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Mizzie The Kangaroo is an Australian brand that creates 100% natural rubber teething and squeeze toys. Designed for infants’ sensory development and sore gums. The perfect gift for bub.

Mizzie the Kangaroo was born after one sunny Sunday morning in Brisbane, for Australian parents were having breakfast while waiting for their then, young babies. The bubs seemed to be desperately searching for something to chew on to relieve their sore gums while remaining entertaining. And like a lightning bolt moment, the parents all agreed that there really was a need for something new in the market, something fun and educational, something more ‘Aussie’. And so Mizzie The Kangaroo teething toy was born, named after babies Madeline and Isabella, and her world and purpose has been growing ever since.

The people behind Skebbsys Toy Box have a wide range of commercial, health and marketing backgrounds, and first-hand experience with babies, being parents themselves.

Not only does Mizzie the Kangaroo have a range of teething toys, but Mizzie the Kangaroo also has a range of books and other baby and child accessories. 

This super popular kids product also makes for a great Australian souvenir!