Picnic Essentials

Enjoy Summer with our amazing picnic themed gift ideas, picnic essentials and eco-lifestyle kitchenware that will make days at the beach or Birthdays at the park, perfect! Don't worry, these products work just as well in the colder months too!

Know somebody who loves to lunch? Picnic essentials make the perfect gift, gift bundle or Christmas present whether it's reusable cutlery, our new picnic blankets, plastic-free lunch ware, beach bags and coolers, and of course: essentials for your wine and beer! Who doesn't love a beverage at the beach or after that mountain hike? Our stainless steel wine coolers, eco-mugs, stainless silver and gold champagne flutes, reusable wine tumblers, flasks and an array of reusable, eco-friendly straws will keep your drinks cold and spill-free so you can take them anywhere! 

Enjoy life to the fullest, go out and adventure and always have a trusty picnic blanket with you! You never know when you might need to bring out the wine coolers and have a cheese board in nature!