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Happy Hour Attire
novelty christmas toilet paper
Christmas Toilet Paper
Donald Trump Stress Ball
Donald Puffer
bath fishing game for children
Fishing for Floaters
novelty karaoke soap
Karaoke Soap on a Rope
Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb
Rainbow Unicorn Bath Bomb
Grow Santa Claus
Grow Santa
crystal christmas tree kit for children
Grow Magic Christmas Tree
elf stress ball
Squishy Bubble Plush Elf
sanata stress ball
Squishy Bubble Plush Santa
grow and elf toy for kids
Grow Christmas Elf
Chattermate reindeer
Chattermate Reindeer
Stress Bum Ball
Stress Bum
novelty grow a boyfriend kit
Grow A Boyfriend
noveltry grow a girlfriend kit
Grow A Girlfriend
Tiny Hands

On the hunt for a funny Kris Kringle or Secret Santa? We've got the best range of funny and quirky Kris Kringle gift ideas for all budgets in Melbourne CBD.  Does your Kris Kringle or Secret Santa have everything? Perhaps you want to give them something that’ll make them laugh? While we have a lot of products that are a little more ‘serious’ we also have a massive range of quirky products that are sure to make someone laugh this year.

Give someone a gift that'll make them laugh! Our Kris Kringle and Secret Santa range is filled with quirky and funny gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Great for the person who has everything or someone who is a little difficult to shop for! We have a great selection of products to fit anyone's budget!