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Gifts ideas for the avocado lover

Avocado Themed Gift Ideas (and fun facts!)

Did you know that avocados are a fruit and they have more potassium than bananas? Or that in 2017 more than 3 million photos of avocado toast were uploaded to Instagram everyday? Or that avocados were once named Alligator Pears?

How about this! The world record for the largest avocado is 2.4kgs which is massive as the average avocado weighs 0.1kg's!

The popularity of avocados in Australia has skyrocketed and they've now become a meme for the millennial generation, whether its avocado on toast, smashed avocado, guacamole, avocado face masks.........the list is endless!

This green fruit is known as a superfood by the wellness industry. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, the versatility of the avocado, it's nutritional value and many health benefits have made them a cultural phenomenon. Just keep them away from your fur babies, avocado skin can be toxic to cats and dogs.

This nutrient dense fruit has worked it's way into our hearts as well and we love them too! We have jumped on the avocado band wagon and embraced their popularity with many cute and unique avocado themed gift ideas for the avocado obsessed, and who isn't these days??

Our avocado range is ideal for any avocado lover out there! They're cute and quirky and perfect for adding a little personality into your home.


The Eco To Go Avocado Bamboo Cup is great for the office, in the car when travelling and it is perfect with avo and toast!


How cute is the Let's Avo Good Time Avocado Mug?  The smiling avocados on the handle will be sure to brighten your morning!


The Feet Speak Avocado Socks come with awesome graphics and are a fun and quirky way to keep your feet warm at home. Plus they have anti-slip soles that say "totally smashed" on the bottom. Cute!

This soft and fuzzy Squishy Bubble Plush Avocado is a favourite!  Filled with colourful jellies that pop out with a squeeze! Squish em and feel your troubles melt away.

An Avocado Salt and Pepper Shaker Set! What a perfect gift for the avocado-addicted millennials, or any avo-addict! Aren't these little guys are an adorable pair!

These cute and quirky avocado inspired gifts and more can be found in our  avocado themed gift range on our website or in one of our Melbourne stores. With fast delivery, free shipping with online orders $100+  and free gift wrapping you'll be sure to find the perfect avocado themed present to send to that special someone.

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