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Best Plant-Themed Gift Ideas

Best Plant-Themed Gift Ideas

When it comes to buying a gift for your plant loving friend sometimes you want to give more than just a plant! Here are some of our favourite plant-themed gift ideas!

The You Grow Girl book is a super cute full of empowering quotes and statements that are here to inspire you to stand tall and flourish!

Another super sweet book to give your plant loving friend is the How to Raise a Plant. This book is perfect for any plant parent. From those with an indoor jungle, to those that cannot maintain a succulent. The How To Raise a Plant book contains all the ways to make your new plant love you.

If you're looking for a statement piece look no further than the Esme Foliage Pink and Purple Wall Art.

A lot of plant lovers also love their coffee! This Home is Where coffee mug is the perfect gift to give so that special someone can drink a warm cuppa while doing their gardening!

This is just the start of all our amazing plant themed gifts. Shop the full range and spoil yourself or that special friend with a plant themed gift!

If they love plant themed gifts they will our best selling pot planters. We think we have the best planter range in Melbourne and Australia.  You will find quirky and stylish pot planters from people planters, block man planters, rainbow planters, boho planters, floral planters, Woodstock planters and quirky animal planters.

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