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Crystal Candles and Wellness Diffusers: New Serenity!

Crystal Candles and Wellness Diffusers: New Serenity!

Manifest love and abundance, inspire healing, reenergise yourself and de-stress your aura with our gorgeous new range of Crystal Candles and Crystal Reed Diffusers by Serenity! If you're looking for the perfect gift and you want to support a small business or candle shop in Melbourne, shop Spoilt Gift and Homewares: the best gift shop in the Melbourne CBD! We're not only a candle store, but the one stop shop gift store for the perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day, the best birthday gifts and of course the home of all things trendy, quirky and novelty! 

With cheap and fast shipping Australia wide and the option to Afterpay your online order or use our Click & Collect or Call & Collect feature, it's never been easier to shop the perfect gift (or treat yourself!) 


serenity crystal candle reed diffuser love rose quartz

Rose Quartz is not only one of the most popular crystals, but it's the ultimate aid to self love and manifesting feelings of love and affection in your life! Shop the Crystal Love Rose Quartz Diffuser 150mL and the Crystal Love Rose QuartzCandle 300g by Serenity to fill your home with the tones of loooooove! Give the perfect gift for any crystal lover, home decor enthusiast, Mother's Day or your BFF's birthday! The beautiful candle with healing crystals is perfect for restoring trust and harmony in relationships, featuring a gorgeous rose fragrance with luxurious woody notes of sandalwood and cedar you can create a sense of love, friendship and peace in your home. Furthermore, the crystals can withstand the flame's heat so are great keepsakes when the life of the candle ends!

serenity crystal candle crystal reed diffuser abundance aventurine

When it comes to a scented diffuser and candle gifts, the scent of Lime & Coconut is one of the most popular soy scented candles! The Crystal Abundance Aventurine Candle by Serenity is a beautiful candle with healing crystals perfect for well being and prosperity. Featuring a gorgeous fragrance of creamy coconut, juicy lemon, lime, exotic lychee and verbena on a base of vanilla musk, create a sense of relaxation, beauty and positivity in your home or office. Pair with the matching Crystal Abundance Aventurine Diffuser with the matching scent for the perfect room diffuser. Furthermore, the crystals are great keepsakes when the diffuser liquid ends, too! 

serenity crystal candle reed diffuser de stress amethyst

If you're a fan of crystals and spiritual health and wellbeing, you probably already have a gorgeous chunk of amethyst next to your bed or in your office as this is the most beautiful crystal for easing anxiety and igniting creativity! You don't have to be a crystal lover though to know about amethyst and all it's gorgeous benefits, so this one is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, that upcoming birthday or your anniversary as anyone can use a little help to de-stress! Shop the Crystal De Stress Amethyst Diffuser with cute purple crystals floating in the bottom or shop the popular Crystal De Stress Amethyst Candle for the gorgeous fresh citrus notes of orange, lavender and chamomile that create a sense of calmness, beauty and peace in your space! Look no further for crystal candles in Australia, you've found the perfect one! 

serenity citrine citrus crystal candle and reed diffuser energise

Queen Citrine is one of the most popular crystals in the wellbeing community as her energy is almost out of this world! Lift up your spirits, ignite motivation and energise your aura and space with the Crystal Energise Citrine Candle and the accompanying Crystal Energise Citrine Diffuser both with the healing crystals perfect for promoting a creative, invigorating and motivating energy in your home or office. Featuring the gorgeous fragrance of ripe berries, orange, green apple, rose, jasmine and lilac on a base of woody amber and musk, you can't go wrong with citrine candles and reed diffusers! Yum! 

serenity healing crystal candle reed diffuser clear quartz

When it comes to Serenity candles, look no further than the Master Healer: Clear Quartz! Known for the cleansing, healing energy, the clear quartz crystal also ignites and amplifies the other energies around it so you can place this candle by your crystal alter and give your set up twice the energetic effect! Relax and unwind with the Crystal Healing Clear Quartz Candle by Serenity featuring a gorgeous fresh and fruity fragrance of mediterranean lemon oil, peach and melon on a base of orris root! Create a sense of energy, clarity, health and balance in your home or office as well with the Crystal Healing Clear Quartz Diffuser and give the perfect gift to your special someone today! (Note: that special someone can be and should be, yourself!) 

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