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Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cups and Water Bottles

Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cups and Water Bottles

We are so excited to have Frank Green in our stores and online!

To the coffee drinker coffee isn’t just a beverage – it’s a routine and anything that makes that routine easier and more enjoyable is a welcome addition.

Reusable coffee cups, bottles and travel mugs have formed part of the routine of many of us and have taken Australia and the world by storm. They’ve helped millions of people take one step closer to living more sustainably, simply by parting with single-use plastic cups and switching to reusable.

There is no name more synonymous with reusable coffee cups than Frank Green and before we fill you in on why this brand is so well-loved lets take a look at how it all began…

Frank Green was officially born in 2013 in Melbourne, (being a Melbourne gift store we love this!!) but the idea for it has been around since the 90s. The founder, Benjamin Young, (yep….. there is no person named Frank Green!) used to play down by the river near his house every afternoon, but whenever it rained Ben’s paradise was ruined, as thousands of plastic water bottles and cups came pouring down the river and onto the beach. He was shocked when he learned that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today. Fast forward 20 years and Ben was working as an executive, overseeing some of Australia’s largest mergers, when he realised something: he was now in a position to do something about the problem that had bugged him since childhood. He could use his years of devising and implementing business strategies to help solve the plastic crisis. and he was going to start by inventing a reusable coffee cup.

When he told his colleagues about the idea, they told him he was dreaming, and that nobody would ever use it because disposable is just too convenient. For the next three years, Ben worked to prove them wrong, and succeeded. He created not just desirable, purposeful products, but also better drinking experiences for every coffee lover!

Today Frank Green exists to create sustainable solutions to the single-use plastic problem, by making beautifully designed and innovative products that people love to use, over and over and over again.


Now, back to why this brand is so well-loved....

Where do I start? There are so many reasons!

1. They keep your coffee (or tea) warm.

The ceramic range of Frank Green cups are vacuum insulated and perfectly durable and are triple-walled, which means they're built with a ceramic inner layer on top of the stainless steel. So in whatever weather, your drink will stay as warm or as cold as you'd like it to be!

2. Leak proof & easy to use

Each cup includes a push-button mechanism commonly seen on Frank Green lids. This toggle button is what makes every product perfectly leak- and spill-proof, as it's constructed to reseal your drink safely, and are made with temperature retention in mind (adding to the vacuum insulation technology.)

3. The support sustainability

All of Frank Green's water bottles and travel cups are made from what's called recyclable co-polymer, which essentially means they're BPA free (so no toxins are going into your body), and are FDA/EU approved. These reusable coffee cups help to reduce the overflow of empty coffee cups being thrown in the garbage never to be used again.

4. Stylish and compact

Frank Green is known for its many colours, so they're bound to match with anyone's everyday style — who doesn’t want their outfit to match their coffee cup?? Shape-wise, they're also curved to fit comfortably in your hand, and compact enough to pop into your bag and bring home.

5. Convenience – who doesn’t want that?

After having a coffee cup that is reusable and convenient you’ll get so used to it that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. It really will become part of your routine. Making the switch to reusable coffee cups its just about jumping on the band wagon. It will significantly change your single-use buying habits, and reduce your individual carbon footprint. This is good news for everyone! For you, for the environment, and for all the local cafes you can still support in your community.

Reusable coffee cups are a part of Australian culture and bring a lot of benefits to the table. This small investment will last you a long time.

Shop Frank Green Online at Spoilt

These sustainable and eco friendly Frank Green cups can be found in our Frank Green collection on our website or in one of our Melbourne stores. With fast shipping, free shipping with online orders $100+  and free gift wrapping you'll be sure to find the perfect reusable cup and water bottle to live more sustainably, match your outfit or send to that special someone.

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