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Last Minute Gifts for Father's Day!

Last Minute Gifts for Father's Day!

Eeeeep, don't forget: it's Father's Day THIS SUNDAY! In the age of working from home, cooking instead of eating out and spending weekends with the family- Dads are hard to buy for, right? If you can't book those footy tickets you had planned, well, that's what we're here for! 

If you still haven't found the perfect gift for Dad, we have great gift ideas to perfectly embody your appreciation for your papa bear, no matter who or where he is! (Don't forget granddad either (or your husband for that matter!) 

lap mate by couchette

Make his working-from-home world a little easier, a little more comfortable and a little more adaptable with a gift from Spoilt! For the iPad, laptop and tablet users, Lapmate by Couchmate is a handy accessory to make working, watching, reading or streaming on your device easy, convenient and on your lap! Sit on the couch, in bed, move around and be desk-free with Lapmate's 6 levels of incline and adjustable legs, making your workspace coffee and snack friendly, while you work anywhere! This doubles as the PERFECT way to receive breakfast in bed this Sunday, too and even features a pull out drawer for a cheeky additional gift or heartwarming card!

smartphone projector

The Smartphone Projector 2.0 from Independence Studios makes the perfect gift for any gadget lover and is a great substitute for the annual cinema tickets! Designed to be light, portable and with sophistication in mind, the 2.0 has brown leather print detail, inspired by range finder cameras, leather hip flasks and Cuban cigar lounges. This family-fun or date night activity hits the sweet spot where modern technology meets vintage aesthetics, so Dad can escape from the everyday grind.


weather stations

Perk up Dad's desk space with our famous Weather Stations by Is Gift that predict the weather outside from the comfort of your home, like magic! The crystals inside the Crystal Ball and Cloud-shaped glass respond to air pressure and atmospheric fluctuations to accurately predict the outside weather conditions. It makes for an attractive and practical gift, allowing the observer to forecast the possibility of clear skies, wind, snow, storms or rain! Also available as the Dual Weather Station, incorporating the Galileo Thermometer method of calibrated and weighted metal tags that display the current temperature. 

beer socks


Socks are the classic gift that you hate as a kid and love as an adult and if there's one person you can count on to need a fresh pair: it's Dad! What better way to show your love than with a cosy cliche; The Pk3 Luckies Beer Socks by IS Gift in a fun gift tin that looks just like Dad's fav can of beer! This gift is one of our favourites and will be sure to jazz up his wardrobe and keep him cosy! 

blue man planter by is gift

Our last, last-minute gift idea has got to be the super fun: Blue Man Planter by Urban Products, isn't he SO CUTE? This guy is super perfect for any Plant Dad, indoor gardener or if Pops just needs a bit of green in his life! Pairs perfectly with any of our neutral indoor plant pots, and the perfect home to a fresh-leaved friend! 

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