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wanderflower diy clay face mask kit

Relax and Unwind with Wanderflower Bath & Beauty products!

If you're after a range of products to help create some zen then look no further than Wanderflower! Inspired by the gifts of nature, Wanderflower is a beautifully curated bath, body & aromatherapy gift range designed to promote thoughtfulness and well-being. With gorgeous natural scents and the packaging of design-lovers' dreams, these bath and beauty items make the perfect gift for somebody special. You can also use these gorgeous products for the perfect self care night whether you're alone or with friends... start running the bath and grab the wine, the chocolate and the Wanderflower!

wander flower hand cream

Wanderflower's 50ml Luxury Hand Creams are all enriched with moisturising Shea butter and contains zero parabens! They are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and come packaged in a gift-able two-piece card tube, which the brand encourage you to up-cycle and re-use as makeup brush pot (or anything your wild eyes can imagine!)

This beautifully softening hand cream comes in three scents: Jasmine and Neroli for fresh floral notes of Spring, Lavender and Fig for an earthy, neutral scent and Eucalyptus and Verbena for the native, citrus notes that reflect the brand's Australian design. These hand creams make the most beautiful gifts as part of a care gift box, on their own or paired with a bottle of wine or a new handbag! 

bath salts wanderflower

Stepping into a warm bath after a long, tiring day is always deeply invigorating and these fragrant Himalayan Salt Rocks by Wanderflower encourage a sense of deep relief and relaxation. Breathe in the warm, woodsy amber fragrance as you watch the salt rocks dissolve gently in the warm water. Sink deep into the tub and allow yourself to relax within the beautiful aromas of amber and essential oils! Each bath needs only 1-2 salt rocks so this is the gift that keeps giving, whether it be for yourself and your own self love nighttime routine, or for your mumma or best friend!

wander flower lip balm

If it's your lips that need some love in this changing season, shop the moisturising, hydrating Lip Balms by Wanderflower available in three beautiful scents! Whether it's cold, dry weather or travelling abroad that takes its toll on your lips, seek nature's solution with Wanderflower's gorgeous vegan products, designed to hydrate, moisturise and treat your smackers like only a local, organic gift from Mother Nature really can.

The sweet and delicate White Tea fragrance, with its reviving qualities, refreshes the senses where as the Fresh Mint fragrance is the perfect gift for those who love to keep it fresh! Lastly, shop the Sweet Almond fragrance with its sweet, nutty and woody notes to warm the senses for the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift to somebody special! These are perfect to keep in your hand bag., beside your bed or chuck in the luxury Santa Stocking to really bring it up a notch this year!

clay mask perfume atomiser wander flower

Add an atomiser to your splurge if you've been looking for the perfect vessel to carry your signature scent! With you, this sleek copper Perfume Atomiser from Wanderflower is perfectly portable and can of course be filled easily with perfumes, oil blends or natural remedies, without any spills. Ideal for housing in your handbag, in your car or when you're travelling, (the perfect 5ml size) this atomiser is just the thing you've been looking for! With the same reusable card tube and a beautifully mirrored copper finish, this accessory is a must-have for any fancy Wanderflower gift set!

Lastly, why not take your self care to the next step or give the birthday gift of the year with the Wanderflower Clay Face Mask! Bring DIY to your skincare ritual with this purifying mask kit and give yourself a beautiful, natural glow with this handy, nature-inspired kit, containing kaolin and charcoal clay powder, complete with a bespoke ceramic bowl and a brush applicator. This kit is not only the most beautiful gift for anyone who loves their skin care and a cheeky DIY but it's also completely natural, vegan and good for the earth (and your pores!) 

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