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Ultimate Skincare Routine: Reusable Makeup Erasing Pads!

Ultimate Skincare Routine: Reusable Makeup Erasing Pads!

Here at Spoilt Gift & Homewares we love to share our new and exciting products with you all and this one is for all of the environmentally aware, eco-conscious skincare lovers and beauty gurus out there! If you're looking for a birthday gift idea, a way to treat yourself to the perfect self care routines, a Mother's Day gift idea or just a treat for your BFF: we're your one-stop-shop gift store for all your gifting needs! With friendly staff and free gift wrapping amongst our Melbourne boutique stores in both the CBD and outer Melbourne, along with Afterpay, Click & Collect, Call & Collect and super fast shipping through Australia Post on our online store, it's never been easier to find the perfect gift! 

reusable makeup remover pads

Introducing the Set of 3 Reusable Makeup Erasing Pads by IS Gift, great for effortlessly removing makeup with only water and the microfibre technology! Essential for your eco-conscious beauty regime and sensitive skin, you can eliminate the need for disposable makeup wipes, baby wipes and harsh exfoliators applied with oily hands, which are all harmful to the environment let alone the plastic packaging most coming along with!

Save your skin and the planet all with one product and give the gift that will make reusable makeup wipes and eco makeup remover pads the skincare essential! 

reusable makeup remover pads

Follow the below directions for a quick, easy and chemical-free cleanse:

  1. Soak the pad in warm water (3 colours are available in the pack, so you can assign a unique use for each one or gift to your two BFFs and let them join with you in the journey towards better skincare!) 

  2. Gently wipe across your face! Vigorous scrubbing is not required and is usually very harsh on the skin, creating further impurities. The water loosens makeup, allowing the microfibre material to thoroughly cleanse, deep into your pores.

  3. Use the clean, reverse side of the pad to ensure all traces of makeup are removed. Repeat if required.

  4. To remove heavier eye makeup, ensure the pad is saturated with warm water and then hold over the eye area for 10 seconds before starting to wipe. This gives the warm water and microfibre technology to loosen the chemicals and build up from the day/night and is far better than harsh toners, exfoliators or cleansers! 

  5. Re-use over and over again.

Save yourself some money, throw out the baby wipes and makeup wipes full of ingredients and go back to basics with the amazing reusable makeup pads! By using reusable makeup wipes you are not only setting up our skin for rejuvenation but you're helping the planet in reducing waste! 

Perfect to treat yourself and your fresh skin to new, inexpensive skincare or gift as a Mother's Day gift idea, birthday present for her or Galentine's treat! 


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