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Makeup Erasing Pads
Donaldson mesh produce bag set of 8
Mesh Produce Bag Set 8
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Shop our large range of eco-friendly gifts and find the perfect present for your environmentally savvy friend! We stock a wide range of products to help your pursuit in the war on waste, including KeepCup, Honeybee Beeswax Wraps, Onya bags and more!

You'll find the perfect gift for your eco-friendly friend here at Spoilt! Besides stocking large brands such as KeepCup and Onya we also keep an eye out for other great products such as fun eco shopping totes, reusable straws, bamboo products and more!

KeepCup started when brother-sister due started a cafe in Melbourne in 1998 and noticed that as the business grew so did the volume of packaging wastes from both the business and customers. Because of this concern they looked to purchase and sell reusable cups as an alternative to disposable. They quickly realised that what was already out in the market were unsuitable for speciality coffee. The mugs that were available needed heating before you put coffee into them and they were also made from composite materials making them dishwasher unfriendly and difficult to recycle at the end of life. 

Honeybee Beeswax Wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap that you put over your food. They're reusable and good for the environment!

Our bamboo range just keeps expanding! We now have reusable travel mugs, bowls and salad servers and smoothie cups! 

No more need for single-use plastic with these products!