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Diffusers, Oils and Candles, OH MY!

Diffusers, Oils and Candles, OH MY!

Calm the mind and ensnare the senses with our home and living giftware, freshly restocked! If you haven't invested in the life of essential oils and a way to aromatically diffuse them, you're missing out on the aromatherapy trend of the year! Don't fret candle lovers, if the natural mood lighting is more for you, (we personally love the best of BOTH worlds...) the Serenity candle and diffuser range is now online too!


ultrasonic mist essential oil diffuser aromabotanical

Is it just us... or are you relaxed? These diffusers are not only aesthetically classic, but they are the perfect gift idea (gifting to yourself is also recommended) for bringing wellness into a home! The Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser by Aromabotanical is our absolute favourite and we even have essential oil add-ons to go with it!

The best friend to meditation, yoga, a healthy sleep and spring cleaning: our essential oil diffusers are the ultimate treat! 

This diffuser can move through a series of relaxing colours, with the option to set the desired colour for a fixed time or return to oscillation. The soothing colour spectrum aids natural sleep, with the red setting scientifically proven to help produce melatonin, for an easier transition to a deeper cycle. 

aromabotanical essential oil diffuser woodland

Ultrasonic Diffuser in Woodland by Aromabotanical is the gorgeous alternative design, in a completely wooden finish, for the earthier souls. (One for your lounge room, one for the bedroom?)

We heavily recommend checking out our amazing Essential Oil Range as the scent and aromatherapy of a diffuser without oils... just isn't quite the same. Our diffusers are safe for any essential oil brand, just remember to double-check any safety instructions and ingredients (and which oils are safe for pets and children!)

rose essential oil

frankincense essential oil 

Our favourite Spring scents include the Rose Essential Oil (for light sunny afternoons) and the classic Frankincense Essential Oil by Buckley and Phillips (to protect you from negative energies and aid you in sleep.) We have all the fragrances you need for the ultimate wellness kit for your home, or to send to your favourite homebody!

serenity candle

Hit the lights, strike a match and let's get romantic because Serenity Candles & Diffusers are freshly restocked, so affordable and come in a huge range of scents and designs, to brighten up anyone's mood! 

With burn times of 50 hours, The Frangipani Candle by Serenity and the best selling Hawaiin Surf Candle by Serenity have rich, floral fragrances which evoke the feelings of relaxation on a tropical island.

serenity candle
If you or the Birthday girl are more into bright colours and florals over pastels- never fear, flamenco is here! With gorgeous golden lid tops for easy extinguishing, the Mango Guava Candle (a powerful island blend of tropical mango, guava and lime with a heart of lily, on a creamy vanilla base) and Flamenco Candle by Serenity (an intense harmony of creamy white jasmine flowers, roses and violets, on a warm base of vetiver, amber and musk) reflect the warm days and floral scents of Spring and Summer and are both up online now!

Shop these goodies to celebrate the change of season or just treat somebody you love! 

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