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Celebrate International Cat Day (Right Meow!!)

Celebrate International Cat Day (Right Meow!!)

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens...

We've all heard of man's best friend... but what about woman's best friend?! For some us, that's our cat (or cats, we won't judge how many) and we think it's high time our fussy fuzz balls get the spotlight. We heard from trusted sources most kitties will prefer pats, snuggles and fragrant fishy treats, but why not build them a shrine instead?! Treat yourself this International Cat Day too or send a gift to a loved one who is (just a little bit) cat crazy.

Cat Planter urban products  

Whether sending to the kitty and cat-mum you wish you could see in person or you're just in need of a cute centrepiece for your indoor jungle, the Linear Cat Planter by Urban Products will brighten up any cat-friendly room! (Make sure your plant isn't toxic to your puss!!) If it's not quite the style you're after, pick up the Abstract Cat Planter in MultiColour by Urban Products available in two sizes!

These on-trend beauties are hand-painted ceramic and come with a drainage hole.



If you're more the type of person too busy for plants (maybe the kitten of the house gets all available attention) we know you're not too busy for a hot cuppa!! Whether working from home, relaxing after a stressful day or starting your morning off right: the Purr Tea Cat Tea Infuser by IS Gift is the tea strainer of your dreams!! With a kitty in your mug and one in your lap, who can feel anything but cosy? (Also makes the purrrrrfect gift coupled with the loose-leaf tea of choice!)

purr tea cat tea infuser by IS

For the playful and inquisitive kittens out there, we have the popular Cat Lover's Playing Cards by Ridley great for an a-meow-zing game! This pack of 54 cards features beautifully hand-illustrated images in an illustrated gift tin, so you can learn all your fav cat breeds while quelling the boredom of isolation!

Cat lover's playing cards by Ridley

What's that? A cosy night in is more your thing? Well grab that kitty and curl up because we've got the perfect self-care delivery ready for a grey and gloomy night in. My Cat is Cool Crew Socks by Blue Q not only make the perfect gift but show the world how you feel about your witchy familiar. Couple the comfy cosiness with our Cat Mix Heat Pillow by Annabel Trends and you have the warmest, cuddliest night ahead of you... can you hear the purring? 

my cat is cool crew socks by blue q

cat mix heat pillow

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