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Couchmate, Lapmate & Relax-a-Mate: BACK IN STOCK!

Couchmate, Lapmate & Relax-a-Mate: BACK IN STOCK!

Missing your mates? Stuck working at home? Have more self-care time than you bargained for? Well our MATES are BACK (in stock) to help you get through the day with ease and comfort! Couchmate's popular: Couchmate, Lapmate, Picnicmate and Relax-A-Mate Bath Caddy have just hit our shelves (online and in-store) ready to find forever homes.

The classic Couchmate Arm Table by Couchmate makes the perfect gift when you're stuck on ideas! Treat yourself or a couch potato close to your heart, as this wonder product acts as a transportable coffee table for the arm of any couch! Perfectly balances any hot or cold beverage and protects your interiors from unwanted spillage or balancing acts! Available in: Oak, Natural, and Black Japan wood finishes. 

 black japan arm table

natural couchmate

Lapmate by Couchmate is our absolute NECESSITY when it comes to working from home! Perfect for all Melbournians or as a gift for a friend you wish you could support in person! Lapmate (in natural wood) has you totally covered, acting as your very own transportable desk with the 6 different levels of incline, adjustable legs and a side drawer for storage and stationary.

You’ll even be able to use your laptop or tablet in the comfort of your own bed! (Or why not surprise your kids or S.O. with brekki in bed!? Maybe they will return the favour...)



lapmate by couchmate


If moving your desk from your bed, to your lounge, to your backyard excite you quite enough, then it's time to invest in that wish list of yours: with the much sought after Relax-A-Mate Bath Caddy by Couchmate in natural wood. The ultimate item of self care, because everyone deserves to relax like a king or queen in their own home!

The Relax-a-Mate is a one-size-fits-most design to fit baths up to 900mm wide, and with a recess for your favourite drink at an arm's reach (fits a wine glass or beer bottle), a handy shelf to rest your book or magazine on, and a mood light (candle) recess, we apologise if you never leave the bathroom again!

relax a mate bath caddy


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