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Gifts for International Sloth Day!

Gifts for International Sloth Day!

It's International Sloth Day on the 20th of October (you didn't know?!) and we have the cutest friends to help you celebrate! All sloth fans: rejoice! You are now validated and motivated by our super sweet knick knacks, planter pots, accessories, kids toys and activities and books to gift to the ultimate sloth-er! Feeling slow, lazy, and in need of inspo from a furry friend? Take a break from the work desk and let the calm of the sloths wash over you... with these amazing gift ideas for sloth-lovers!

sloth tea brew

If you're a fan of the cosy night in with a big pot of tea, the Sloth Brew Tea Infuser by IS Gift is the perfect #selflove gift just for you! Make lazy weekends even lazier and jazz up your favourite quote mug with a hanging friend who diffuses your loose leaf tea whilst hanging out with you! If you've ever wanted to see a sloth in a hot tub... this might be the closest you get. These Tea Infusers are the perfect KK gift too as they're not only super practical, but they'll bring a laugh! The perfect 2-in-1!

Back to the plant-lovers, we know there's many of you out there, these cute twins are perfect for a patio, bookshelf or to house your fake succulents in low-light areas. The Sloth Hanging Planter comes in a beautiful, earthy, sandy finish, complete with drainage holes for your real plant babes! 

sloth book chatter mate plush

The perfect gift bundle for for your lazy lover, kids' birthdays or anyone who just wants a sloth plush in there house... these cuties are a must-have for sloth-fans! Shop the Sloth Chattermate by IS Gift for an adorable friend that will talk back to you! Chattermates will repeat anything you say, back to you, in their own cute voice while bobbing their heads up and down! Sooooo cute! 

Follow Sloth on the path to a chilled out life from understanding the importance of 'me time', to truly mastering the art of the afternoon nap, with expert advice from the animal that practically invented the 'slow movement.' Spoil yourself or someone else with the Be a Sloth book by Sarah Ford!

The Furry Little Friends Blue Sloth Plush is a sweet toy for any child to have in their room as it's made with a soft material perfect for snuggles! This cutie looks adorable in a nursery, but we won't judge you if you want it as an adult... his softness is comforting to all! The Sloth Plush is also available in Pink!

sloth pot hanger

The Sloth Pot Hangers by Urban Products is a cute little figurine that hangs on the edge of your garden pots, available in Grey and Green! A perfect addition to your planters or as a gift for any plant-momma who loves a sloth friend! These cuties love to hang out, so try hanging them around your house, wherever you like, they're not just for plant-pots! Super affordable, these guys are also great gifts for a Secret Santa, themed Kris Kringle or as a stocking filler for your family's present swap!

urban products coffee mug

Our awesome Sloth Mug in Beige by Urban Products is the (scientifically tested) best way to improve your mood! Is it the caffeine hit, is it the warm hands or is it the cosy, cutie you're sharing your morning tea with? (The sloth, not the hubby...) Mug-lovers relax, we of course had to include a large size ceramic dream, for all you beverage-holics out there. 

grow a sloth

To add to any Christmas gift, birthday present or kid's Santa sack is the super fun Grow a Sloth! Grow your very own sloth with this little cutie: he starts out tiny and when he's placed in water he grows grows grows!! He will remind you to take it slow, because really, what's the rush? Our fav grow-your-own, he makes the perfect gift idea for everyone out there who just love sloths!

Shop our sloth collection on the website, click & collect is also available!

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