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Gifts Ideas to Make Them Laugh!

Gifts Ideas to Make Them Laugh!

Got your Uncle in this years family KK? The class clown is your Secret Santa? Looking for the perfect way to surprise your husband or just brighten his day? We've got the perfect gift ideas for the novelty novice, so get in early these Holidays and make someone smile! Including some of our exciting new stock that has just hit our shelves, check out these family-friendly activities, funny gifts and gags and perfect Christmas stocking fillers if you or a loved one, seriously need a laugh! 

Sarcastic 9 Ball by Ridley'sA magical twist on the classic mystic 8 ball, our new Sarcastic 9 Ball by Ridley's  is a hilarious gift idea full of super sarcastic responses to all of life's questions! If you really must, ask me a question, shake me lightly and turn me over for a sarcastic response; obviously. This is our favourite pick for a funny Kris Kringle gift as it's fun for everyone (especially the sarcasm specialists) and suitable for any age over 8! The teenage boys in the family leave you guessing each gifting season... they're now sorted!

who let the dogs out by Ridley's

For the return of games night with the neighbours or your group of besties... check out the super fun and hilarious Who Let the Dog's Out Game by Ridley's: a super fun whodunnit twist, exploring WHO in the neighbourhood... has let all the dogs out? Suitable for anyone over the age of 10, this one is sure to be a popular gift, not only for dog lovers this Christmas, but for any games night needing a new refresher! Pairs well with wine, friends and some pooches for props.  

rainbow money box by yes studio

Help your little one learn to save or sort out your own spending habits with the super cute Rainbow Money Box by Yes Studio, the cutest gift for sunshine kids or rainbow lovers! This money box will fit notes and coins, and help you divide your extra cash into what you should spend, and what you should save! We never know when the sunshine and colour will return to our rainy days, so better to have a savings for it (so we can fly off to Bali when it does!) 

lucky cat game by ridley's

Collect a winning combination of lucky cats in this colourful, cat collecting Lucky Cat Game by Ridley's: a fun, portable game that can be played with the whole family, at home with your partner and a wine or on-the-go with the kids! With the 65 game cards and 4 reference cards packaged in a novelty Lucky Cat shaped case, this is the perfect KK gift for anyone! Also... we just LOVE how the fun golden gift-case looks, we think ANY cat-lover would appreciate this one too! 
crazy golf Game by ridley's

Perfect for solo gamers, families and crazy golf lovers, shop our new Crazy Golf Game by Ridley's online now for this super fun activity pack! Score a hole-in-one with this dice version of the popular game, build a range of crazy courses and then play through them, and roll the dice to overcome obstacles including pirates, dinosaurs, black holes, volcanoes and more! Suitable for anyone over the age of 6, this one is perfect for the sporty kids' KKs as well as the Christmas gift for Grandad that leaves you stumped every year!

karaoke soap

Our personal favourite for work KK parties and for our sister that becomes a pop star as soon as she hits the shower... (we know you know one too...) the Karaoke Soap on a Rope by Gentlemen's Hardware is the most hilarious novelty gift that they will receive all year! Use it as a bar of soap, a microphone while you wash or just gift it to the guy in the office who always sings under his breathe, to really bring a smile (and a song) to his day! Not exclusive to shower concerts; also available for bath-time serenades and one hit hand-washing wonders. 

dont upset the rookie by Ridleys

It's not wise to upset a Wookiee! Our new Don't Upset the Wookiee by Ridley's game is a super fun new activity for Star Wars fans, just in time for Christmas! Make sure you don't upset the angry Wookiee in this family-friendly card game  featuring your favourite Star Wars fuzzball, included as a portable plush Chewie case! Celebrating some of Chewie's best scenes, this is a fun and fast-paced family game where the Wookiee gets all the glory (he deserves.) This game is ideal to play wherever you may be travelling the Galaxy and need something to keep you and your fellow Star Wars fans entertained!

blue q socks by blue q

We can't talk novelty gifts, KK ideas, unisex Secret Santas and family fun without OF COURSE mentioning our hilariously unique and quirky sock collection by Blue Q Socks! Get cosy for games night (if there's one thing we all have in common post-iso, it's knowing how and when to be comfortable) and gift the perfect pair of socks to the one you love, to make them laugh! No matter if it's your sister's birthday, your anniversary with your grumpy boyfriend, a friend Crap Kringle dinner or you're just in need of a new quirky sock wardrobe: Blue Q have the perfect pair for you! 

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