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Perfect Products for Coffee Lovers!

Perfect Products for Coffee Lovers!

Are you one of the permanently tired ones, seeking a caffeine hit every work day and a smooth blend every weekend morning? Well, you're not alone and we're here to make your 3pm cuppa break a little more calming... with these perfect gift ideas for all coffee lovers! If you're searching for the best accompaniment to barista beans or you're trying to distract from your loved one's addiction: why not try a coffee theme in your kitchen, bathroom and even on puzzle night! For all the coffee lovers, Christmas and Birthday stress, is now solved!

coffee lovers puzzle jigsaw 500pc
We know, we know, some of you are sick of puzzles... but we also know there's some of you out there still obsessed with the #1 trend of Melbourne's lockdown, the famous jigsaw puzzle! We couldn't go past this beauty for caffeine-hitters as this fun activity for teenagers, adults, couples and families doubles up as the coolest barista poster wall art!! Just frame your completed puzzle and hang on the wall of your local cafe, your sunny kitchen or your favourite brewer's happy place and look fondly upon all the types of coffee, lattes and espressos you are yet to try. Sigh... what a beautiful world. Shop the Premium Coffee Lover's 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Ridley online now! 

coffee funds money box

Maybe you're trying to kick the habit and need the perfect dose of inspiration and motivation, to make that Matcha Latte taste more familiar... or maybe Mum could really take a hint after that 4th afternoon cup. Calm down Mum, we've got the solution! With the super cute Coffee Fund Mini Change Box by Splosh you can save all the coins you WOULD'VE spent on highly priced take-away Macchiatos that you'll soon be able to visit Brazil and source your favourite blends yourself! (Well, maybe not quite but it will surely help.)

coffee mug We all know somebody with a collection of mugs too extensive to store (it's you isn't it?) but we had to include a beautifully designed quirky mug when talking about coffee, didn't we?! Let the words soothe your soul as your morning stress is eased by the bean or treat your dearest mug-lover to the prettiest vessel yet with our Inhale Coffee, Exhale Negativity Mug by Urban Products bringing some much needed zen into your morning tea break. 

coffee plunger 3 mugIf you're a takeaway coffee addict or you're looking for a way to minimise the cost of your sweet sweet bad habits, why not invest in one of our super affordable Coffee Plunger Pots by Oslo available in a 3 cup or 5 cup size! These beauties also make the perfect gift idea to all those missing their favourite cafe afternoons in Melbourne, wondering where all the great coffee went? Surprise, it's now in your kitchen! We love these for gifting, because not only are they brilliant budget-friendly gifts for any espresso fiend (hint hint, Christmas isn't as far as you think) but they double the savings when your kitchen becomes the cafe!

vanilla sparkle coffee scrub scrubba

We can't complete the gift bundle for our coffee-addict without a classic coffee scrub! Our beloved Vanilla Sparkle Coffee Body Scrub by Scrubba not only smells incredible (now you can feel like you're drinking your cappuccino in the shower) but is a proven exfoliant perfect for sensitive skin! With hints of vanilla and raspberry to make you smell irresistible, gold mica powder to make you sparkle, ground Arabica beans and pink Himalayan salt to buff and exfoliate dead skin, you feel nothing but fresh, soft and revitalised! Yum!! 

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