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Astrology Gifts for the Zodiac Signs!

Astrology Gifts for the Zodiac Signs!

zodiac socks collection annabel trends
If you're looking for a Melbourne gift store with Zodiac-themed goodies for your astrology obsessed BFF, Spoilt Gift & Homewares is your one-stop-shop! Thanks to our good pals Annabel Trends, we have a super fun new range of Zodiac Boxed Socks to gift to all your friends, family and colleagues! For the perfect individualised birthday gift, give the gift of an astrology lover! Look to the stars... and keep your feet warm while you're at it. 
aries boxed socks annabel trends zodiac
For the passionate, motivated and confident leader of the Zodiac, (or child... however you want to look at the first sign of the zodiac) salmon and navy tones support the strong (albeit stubborn) symbol of the Ram. Shop the Zodiac Socks: Aries here. Every pair of comfortable boxed socks sports the accompanying constellation, individual symbol and the gift box of course comes with a description of the classic traits associated with the zodiac sign. 
taurus boxed socks annabel trends zodiac
Perfect to tag onto any birthday present, these gift boxes are available in our Melbourne CBD, DFO and our South Melbourne stores as well as through our online store which offers fast delivery Australia wide as well as Afterpay, Click & Collect and Call & Collect so you can shop - any way you like! For the homely, loyal and strong-willed Taurian bulls, shop the Zodiac Socks: Taurus in shades of green, reflecting their Jade birth stone and Earth sign roots. 
gemini mug annabel trends zodiac
In bright colours of yellow and baby pink to reflect their bubbly, sociable nature, the Zodiac Socks: Gemini are sure to be a hit with any twin-sign! Statistically, Geminis are the most likely to tell others what star sign they are, so we think giving them the gift to tell everyone with their feet... is as good as any! When it comes to star sign gifts for astrology lovers, you'll always have the best bet with a Gem. 
cancer socks zodiac annabel trends
Crybabies and sensitive sweethearts rejoice, it's time for Cancer! We're just kidding little crabs, what would the world do without your imaginative, caring and intuitive nature? Float along in comfort water signs, with the soft fabric of bed socks in muted shades of blue and grey. Couple with a road trip to the ocean, a new pillow and super fast delivery Australia-wide and make your favourite Cancer's day with the Zodiac Socks: Cancer. 
zodiac box socks leo annabel trends
It's getting hot in here and it's not the cotton blended socks... it's the fiery Leo in the room! Astrology gifts have found their perfect home, because Leos loooove to be celebrated for their bravery, their passion and their immense generosity. Time to give back to your favourite lion (laying on the compliments wouldn't go astray either) with the best gifts in Melbourne to make them feel as special as they (think they) are! With free gift wrapping, friendly service and Afterpay options, you can go all out this birthday or anniversary with the Zodiac Socks: Leo!
boxed socks virgo annabel trends
If anyone is going to appreciate the gift of a good pair of socks this bday, it's definitely the pragmatic, logical and practical Virgo. In beautiful purple and white, the Zodiac Socks: Virgo reflect the feminine sign's spring-time birthday! Impress them this year with a horoscope gift and remind them: not everything is explainable!
zodiac boxed socks libra
Charming, attractive and always searching for their version of balance: Libras are celebrated here with shades of pink to reflect their usual fun, bubbly personality! They may be indecisive and moody but don't worry! We've made the choice for them (they want a fun star sign gift, preferably to aid in cold footsies:) shop the Zodiac Socks: Libra and find the balance of gift giving.
zodiac boxed socks scorpio

Horoscope gifts, zodiac gifts and astrology gifts may seem like a choice left-of-field for the prickly Scorpios, but don't be fooled, they love to be loved too! Deeply sensitive on the inside and protective, suspicious and wary on the outside, the Scorpion may be attracted the dark but that's just to hide how passionate, dedicated and fiercely loyal they can be! Give your favourite Halloween-themed birthday girl (or boy) something comfy and cute this year with the Zodiac Socks: Scorpio.

sagittarius zodiac boxed socks annabel trends

For the lovers of freedom, the adventurous and the kind-hearted: shop the Zodiac Socks: Sagittarius for the celestial gift of the year! For zodiac gifts in Melbourne, Australia, look no further than a trusty pair of socks, we're suuuuure the  hiking/swimming/backpacking/nomadic lifestyle of the centaurs will be in need of another pair of trusty, warm socks to get them through the colder months between adventures and with fast delivery Australia wide and stores open 5-7 days a week in inner Melbourne, these will get to the flighty Sag even quicker than their disappearing act! 

zodiac boxed socks capricorn annabel trends

The horned goat may be the master planner of the zodiac... but we think they forgot something: the Zodiac Socks: Capricorn. Astrology gifts and gifts for astrology lovers aren't the #1 search for most Capricorns... but these earthy beasts are just too busy being a know-it-all leader, planner, social butterfly and stand out success in whatever field they pragmatically chose, to waste time looking up! Give a fun astrology gift this Christmas and impose YOUR will on the goat this year... 

zodiac boxed socks aquarius annabel trends

For all the eccentric, non-conformist rebels out there we've got the blue-hued gift to represent the true airy nature of the Aquarians: Zodiac Socks: Aquarius. The true individual, the cool-headed water-bearer and the trendy conspiracy theorist Aquas, will love any gift that's allllll about them, especially one so comfortable! Give the new-year birthday gift of something a bit special, for the one who's a bit special! 

zodiac boxed socks pisces annabel trends

The gorgeous greens and yin-yang symbolism of the fish represent the dreamy, watery, sensitivity of the Pisces and as such, would make the perfect zodiac birthday present! Wear the Zodiac Socks: Pisces to bed (or as little fishes call it... dream session base 1) for maximum cosiness and put your vivid imaginations to good use! The popular twelfth star sign of Pisces is actually hitting it's season NOW so if you're on the hunt for a birthday gift with quick, easy and fast delivery.... hint hint!

Did someone say free gift wrapping as well? How easy could it be?!

zodiac mug annabel trends

Coming Soon: the accompanying Zodiac Star Sign Coffee Mug in a Gift Box!

Complete the gift with a matching zodiac present or swap out the cosy socks for any astrological coffee lover (or astronomical tea enthusiast...) that hates a hot foot! Check back on our website for this super fun product drop for astrology gift lovers and make your fave star sign the happiest celestial babe out there!

aries zodiac mug

Shop the Zodiac Aries Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug taurus

Shop the Zodiac Taurus Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug gemini

Shop the Zodiac Gemini Mug: Coming Soon! 

zodiac mug cancer

Shop the Zodiac Cancer Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug leo

Shop the Zodiac Leo Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug libra

Shop the Zodiac Libra Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug virgo

Shop the Zodiac Virgo Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug scorpio

Shop the Zodiac Scorpio Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug sagittarius

Shop the Zodiac Sagittarius Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug capricorn

Shop the Zodiac Capricorn Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug aquarius

Shop the Zodiac Aquarius Mug: Coming Soon!

zodiac mug pisces

Shop the Zodiac Pisces Mug: Coming Soon!

Remember: whether online or in-store, you can grab your gift with free giftwrapping so it's all ready to be shipped across the country for you and the birthday girl (or boy!) With our super fast delivery Australia-wide and our options of Click & Collect, Call & Collect and Afterpay, it's never been easier to shop star sign gifts online! 

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