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Switch to Solid Shampoo Bars!

Switch to Solid Shampoo Bars!

conditioning shampoo bar lavender

Have you tried making the switch from plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles to a solid, eco-friendly soap bar, yet? Well it's time, and here at Melbourne gift store Spoilt Gift & Homewares we've got three gorgeous new scents from our friends at Annabel Trends to try! These Conditioning Shampoo Bars not only smell amazing with their blend of natural essential oils but they last up to 40 washes too! Soap bars are much more condensed than their liquid counterparts, so you don't need as much and the quantity is easier to control. Make the switch to a natural shampoo bar now (available in lavender, green apple or orange and cinnamon) or gift one to a bestie and see if you're willing to help save the Earth (and your scalp!) 
The number one reason to make the switch to shampoo bars and conditioning bars (or in our case: the 2-in-1) is reducing the catastrophic plastic waste that we humans create for poor Planet Earth! Think how many shampoo and conditioner bottles you and your family go through per year... are they biodegradable? Recyclable? Maybe you've already made an eco-friendlier change for your household (or stopped washing your hair all together) but we're guessing that for most of you... the answer is: 'A lot!' And: 'Ummmm... no...' 

Shop the Conditioning Shampoo Bar in Lavender and either lather it in your hands (like a bar of soap) or apply directly to your hair and scalp for a fresh, environmentally aware, natural kind of wash! No need for conditioner, these bars have it all... and they also can double up as soap or fabric detergent in a pinch (think camping holidays and backpacking when you don't want to carry around bottles and bottles of products!)

orange and cinnamon conditioning shampoo bar Annabel trends

All of our haircare bars also come in a super cute travel tin so you can keep them fresh at home or easily travel with them! They are also solid... so you don't have to plan your carry on luggage around all your liquid products! Shop the Conditioning Shampoo Bar in Orange and Cinnamon for scents of citrus and spice! Remember, these are unisex, and perfect to gift to anyone into hair care, eco-friendly body products or reducing their environmental waste! 
Hot Tip: Don't leave your shampoo bar in water! We recommend keeping it on a dry dish in your bathroom so it doesn't swell or marinate in the travel tin like a wet sponge! Ever left a bar of soap in a cute dish in the shower or sink, only for it to eventually fill with water and turn the whole thing into a ball of gooey sludge? Yeah, ew... we don't want that!

conditioning shampoo bar green apple

Treat yourself to a Conditioning Shampoo Bar in Green Apple and slowly strip away the nasty chemicals that are found in most popular hair and body products. Shop these gorgeous gifts, for you or a trusted pal, in one of our Melbourne CBD, DFO or South Melbourne gift stores or jump online on our website (knock knock... you're already here!) for a leisurely scroll of all the fun gifts and homewares you could want! Don't worry, if you go a bit crazy on sustainable kitchenware or kids' toys, we have Afterpay available as well as super fast delivery and the option for Click & Collect! 
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