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Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Father’s Day is creeping up on us. It’s the first Sunday of September every year. To help you to find a gift for dad we have made a list of gift ideas to let him know that he is the best dad in the world!
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Gift ideas for the coffee-loving father:
Does your dad love coffee? An idea could be to treat him with some of the coolest equipment that all coffee lovers need in their life! Spoil him with some of these gift ideas and inspire him to relax and enjoy his coffee together with some beautiful items that are made for fulfilling the coffee experience.

Gift ideas for the beer-loving dad:
Is your dad a fan of beer? We have the perfect gift ideas for you to give your beer-loving dad! You could buy your dad a beer holder for his shower or you could treat him with a pair of beer socks, apron or coasters to use while he is at home or to show off to his mates!

Gift ideas to pamper your dad on Father's Day:
Does your dad need a little extra pampering? You could spoil him with one of our grooming kits if he has a beard or a moustache. You could even give him a wireless shower speaker so that he can listen to his favourite podcast or music while he gets ready! We also have some beautiful Ecoya body wash & moisturiser – perfect for the dad who likes to pamper himself!

Gift ideas for the golf-loving dad:
Does your dad like golf? Why don’t you treat him with some cool stuff to go with his interest? You could even plan a day of mini-golf. Here are a few ideas of things that you can spoil you dad with if he loves playing golf.

Gift ideas for the outdoorsy dad:
Is your father a type who loves to spend his time outdoors and go exploring outside? If this sounds like something your dad would like, then we have some amazing gift ideas you can spoil your outdoor-loving dad this Father’s Day. You could spoil him with a crystal ball weather station so that he can predict how the weather will be before he heads off out in nature. You could even spoil him with a drinking bottle, foldable backpack and a survival tool if he loves going on hikes. If he is the type who loves gardening, then a deck of veggie cards is the perfect gift to spoil him with, so he knows which veggies to plant!

These are just some ideas to spoil your dad this Father’s Day – September 1st. For more, head into one of our Melbourne CBD stores or our website to find great gift ideas for Father’s Day.

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