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Keep Cool at the 2020 Australian Open!

Keep Cool at the 2020 Australian Open!

The Australian Open has just begun and it can usually be pretty hot while attending! If you’re planning to go to the event and see a match than plan ahead and be prepared for the heat!

We have some great products in our stores to keep you cool!

Water Misting Cooling Fan
The Water Misting Cooling fan comes in three fun colours. It’s perfect for taking outdoors on a hot summers day and is excellent for the Australian Open! Put some water inside the bottle and spritz yourself while having the fan turned on!

Native Birds Cooler Bag & Ice Pack
The Native Birds Cooler Bag & Ice Pack is perfect for taking your meals and snacks to the Australian Open. Featuring a Cockatoo pattern and icepack it is perfect to show your support to the Aussies in every way possible!

Foldable Cap & Body Cooling Neck Wrap
There’s nothing more important than making sure you slip, slop, slap when you’re out in the sun! A handy thing to have is a foldable cap! While coming in a nice vibrant pink or classic black, this cap protects you from the sun is also easy to store away!

Whilst you have your sunscreen and hat on you most definitely will start to feel the heat! To help keep your body temperature down we have brought in some Body Cooling Neck Wraps. They come in either pink, blue or our favourite for the Australian open – an Australian flag pattern! When you place the neck wrap in clean water for several minutes the crystals expand and produce and evaporative cooling system when worn around the neck.

Oasis Double Wall Insulated Water Bottles
Our range of Oasis Insulated Water Bottles come in a variety of colours and patterns. They’re perfect for keeping your water cold for up to up to 24 hours!!

Llama Cooler Bag & Matching Water Bottle
If you’re after something a little more matchy-matchy to keep your food and beverage cool, look no further than this super cute llama cooler bag and matching water bottle!

Bamboo Cutlery and Straws
If you’re planning on being prepared and taking your own snacks, don’t forget your cutlery! We have a great eco-friendly set which includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and straw! We also have some great reusable straws in the shops!

Refresh Rechargeable Fan
If you’re not into the misting fan but still looking for something to cool you down, this rechargeable fan may be just the thing you need! It only takes 1.5hours to fully charge and lasts for 8 hours! That’ll get you through the whole day while you’re sitting outside in the heat!!

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