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Kris Kringle 2019 and Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Kris Kringle 2019 and Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! And you know what that means!! Time to plan your Kris Kringle and Secret Santa gift. We’ve found some great gift ideas in four different price ranges to inspire you and be sure to make someone laugh!

Gift Ideas Under $10
When it comes to finding the perfect KK or Secret Santa gift on a budget it can be tough! But don’t worry we’ve helped take the guessing out of it with these presents for under $10. The Donald Trump toilet paper is a great novelty gift for those who aren’t really fans of the US president. Perfect for those times when you’ve run out of toilet paper or to bring out for a good laugh!

If you know someone that’s desperate to meet Santa perhaps you can give them their own Grow Santa. Pop him in some water and watch him grow!

Now this one is for all you coffee lovers who also love Fridays! A great mug for a colleague to use around the office!

Gift Ideas Under $20
If you want to bump up your budget to around $20 here are some things you can get!

Some quirky socks for someone who likes to add a little pizazz to their feet. Help them get in the Christmas spirit with these fun reindeer socks!

Or how about this mini scrabble game for your fridge! Every year this is one of our best sellers so you know it’ll be something they love!!

This one is for all our plant lovers that get a little stressed! It’s a cute little cactus stress ball. Don’t worry it’s not prickly!

Gift Idea Under $30
This category is really the “things you didn’t know you needed but have to have” category! We’ve got so many hilarious and different products like this tiny vacuum cleaner. The perfect gift for someone who eats at their desk and leaves crumbs everywhere!!

Or how about these funny oven mitts? We have plenty more with just as hilarious quotes.

This one is for everyone! A fun movie quiz in the shape of cinema popcorn.

Gift Ideas Under $50
If you would like to spend a bit more, you can find some amazing and really cool gifts to spoil that one that you are playing Secret Santa or Kris Kringle for!

One of our favourites is this Cloud Weather Station. It’s a nifty way of predicting the weather.

Or how about this scratch map? A great way for someone to mark off the place they’ve been to or are going to!

Now, if you know someone that is into board games this murder mystery game would be perfect! Something everyone can enjoy and play over and over again!

Visit our website or one of our Melbourne CBD Gift Shops to find the perfect gifts for your Kris Kringle and Secret Santa.

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