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Kris Kringle 2018 Gift Ideas for Under $25

Kris Kringle 2018 Gift Ideas for Under $25

With Christmas just around the corner stress levels seem to be rising!  The pressures of getting everything done at work all while doing the Christmas planning can be extremely taxing! Especially when work Kris Kringle is added into the mix! While you’re busy finishing off the final yearly reports, preparing for the big family Christmas and trying to work out how to best sneak Santa through the window to surprise the kids you really don’t need another thing added to your very busy list that you have to check twice! So let us help take the stress out! We’ve compiled together some great gift ideas for your KK… or perhaps as a nice stocking filler for someone special?

For the Environmentalist
First on the list is a few fun things for your environmentally conscious work buddy! We should all be doing our bit to preserve the environment, so here are a few cute things that won’t break the bank or ruin the eco-system!  

This koala tote is practical and super cute. It’s easy to fold so you can always have it on you, ready for that surprise grocery shop! If your KK already has a reusable bag they love, why not get them a set of Onya produce bags for just $15.95. Next grocery shop they do they’ll have no use at all for any single-use plastic! The Onya bags are perfect for fruit and veg and you can use them time and time again.

If they’re super into their coffee why not get them a KeepCup? We find it hard to keep them in the store… they just fly off the shelf! The glass ones are a little more stylish than the solid plastic and will keep their coffee nice and warm… every sip will taste all that bit better as they know there's no plastic or cardboard waste with their drink!

If your KK already has the works when it comes to environmentally conscious products you could get them something they may not have thought of yet… some HoneyBee Beeswax Wraps. These great wraps are a perfect replacement to plastic wrap like Glad Wrap!

For the Fashionista
Have a KK that’s all about that stylish lifestyle? Well, we have some fashion products that would make a great gift. Below are some of our faves at the moment. All year round we have a great selection of scarves. With the weather change, we’ve recently stocked the store full of great light-weight scarves. Perfect for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather and wind.

No outfit is complete without accessorising. Find the perfect earrings for your fashion savvy friend. While we stock higher-end brands like Nicole Fendel and Liberte, we also have items that are a bit more cost-friendly - great for KK gifts!

If you’re not sure whether earrings are your KK’s thing why not grab them a cute little coin purse like this Louenhide one? It fits everything you need in it. Perfect for a night out on the town!

For the Ultimate Pamper
Is your KK a bit of a workaholic and needs a little TLC? Or perhaps they just love a bit of pampering? Why not give them something to help them get into relax mode after work! We have some great smelling candles from both Ecoya and Serenity for under $25. Ecoya has also brought out their Christmas range which includes a super cute collection of bonbons, each contain a hand moisturiser in their signature scents of Sweet Pea and Jasmine; Lotus Flower; and Guava and Lychee Sorbet. We also have some cute lip balms and hand cream by Folklore. Each one has a super cute character and is the perfect size to keep in the draw of your desk or handbag.

For the Wine-o
We all know that person who their regular wine time scheduled in during the week. Why not help them make it that bit more fun with a super cute wine-related gift?

This ‘Prosecco Made Me Do It Book’ is definitely a staff favourite! Filled with delicious recipes to take your champs to the next level!

If your KK is also an avid picnic lover than perhaps a Pocket Prosecco cup would make the perfect gift? This little cup is great to take on the road so you're always ready for some champs!

If a glass is more their style, then we have that covered too! We have a number of stemless wine glasses with great quotes on them. Each glass also comes in a nice gift box!

For the Beer Lover
Is your KK less of a wine-o and more of the beer drinker? We can help you in that department! We have a great book about all the beers around the world so they can sip on a cold lager while reading about the various cultures behind beer! While they're drinking their beer they’re going to need a coaster to put it on! We have some fun coasters that are sure to make them smile while they’re using them. If they’ve already got a fridge full of beer, coasters and they’re not much of a reader why not get them a pair of fun beer socks? Each pair comes in a fun looking can of beer.

 For the Note Taker & The Puzzle Lover
Does your KK love making lists and taking notes? Most of us do! Get them a cute journal or note pad with a fun quote and in nice bright colours! It’s sure to make them smile next time they’re making that long list!

If they’re more into puzzles and quizzes why not grab them a Little Brainiacs book? Each book is filled with different puzzles which will keep them occupied for hours!

Something a Little Quirky
Does your KK have absolutely everything you could think of? Or perhaps you want to give them something that’ll make them laugh? While we have a lot of products that are a little more ‘serious’ we also have a massive range of products that are sure to make someone laugh, like your KK!

Is your KK always trying to predict the future or asking you for answers? Why not get them the All-Seeing Eye. It might help them with their decision making!

If your KK is always in charge of after-work drinks or activities, then perhaps you could get them a Beer Pong Set. It’s perfect for those knock-off drinks!

Now if your KK is constantly taking ‘toilet breaks’ or likes to crack jokes, perhaps you could get them some fun toilet paper to help them with their comedic repertoire!

And last on the list is this fun lollypop for your KK friend who is obsessed with Gin & Tonic. This sweet lolly may help them get through the stressful day at work before they can get home to their G&T!

Now that’s a few ideas but if none of those seems quite right then pop into one of our stores! Our friendly staff are always happy to help. Best of all, we also provide free gift wrapping on all full-priced items. That’ll be sure to help relieve that stress that comes with Christmas shopping!!!

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