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FREE SHIPPING on orders $100+ || $9.95 flat rate shipping Australia wide
National Clean Off Your Desk Day – Our Office Essentials

National Clean Off Your Desk Day – Our Office Essentials

Monday the 13th of January 2020 is National Clean off your desk day and with only being 2 weeks into the New Year it is the perfect time to declutter and start fresh!
While most of us at Spoilt don't sit behind a desk as we're busy helping everyone out in the shops, we do have some busy bees working hard in the office. We decided to take over our Marketing Coordinator's desk and tidy it up a bit!!
If you're wanting to feng shui your desk here are some steps.

Step 1: Remove Your Mess
The first step in the process of cleaning your desk is to remove all the mess from your desk. Seems simple but can be daunting. Do it! Get everything off your desk! By doing this, you make it easier for yourself to visualise how you can organise your desk for the second step the process.

Step 2: Organise Your Essentials
The second step of the process of cleaning your desk is to organise all the stuff you removed in the first step. We like to use these Catch-All Trays to hold our phone, keys and other personal items. Another great item to organise all your wires, cables and chargers that you carry on daily, is this Travel Tech Tidy. To make sure that all of your stationery is together we used Rainbow Cutout Tealight Holder is the perfect thing for that! The holder comes in mint or pink colour and adds a cute touch to any desk. Once you’ve organised your daily essentials then you can add them to your desk in the way that suits you best. We also like to add a notepad or journal like this Wake Up & Be Awesome to write our notes or daily to do lists in.



Step 3: Add Some Personality to Your Desk
The final step of cleaning your desk is to add some of your own personality to the place where you are spending lots of time at. One of our must haves is a water bottle to remember our self to drink water while we are working. This Oasis Bottle 500ml is perfect for that and comes in a various of colours or as a 750ml bottle. Another great thing to have at your desk is a reusable cup like this KeepCup Clear Ozone Medium to drink your hot drinks from! A cool touch to any desk is also to add some plants! We’ve got many different planters that looks great at a desk, but one of our favourites is this Amber planter Small, which is one of our bestselling and trending planters at the moment.  


Visit one of our Melbourne CBD gift shops or our website to find more things for your desk or gift ideas to spoil someone special with!


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