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Our Most Common Frank Green Questions

 Frank Green Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

With all the buzz on social media around Frank Green and the 'emotional support water bottle' (of whose hashtags has clocked over 54 million views!) there's no surprise that the Frank Green obsession has sparked questions.

We're here to walk you through all the Why's, What's and How's about this well-loved and iconic brand!

Why are Frank Green Bottles so popular?

This question is asked a lot! The Frank Green reusable cups and water bottles are popular for good reason. No other cup or water bottle can match it for portability, insulation and durability.

Australian water bottle brand Frank Green has quickly become a cult pick for young, fashionable and well-hydrated people across the country. The brand's cups and water bottles, stamped with its distinctive logo, are a must-have item and are of particular viral interest on TikTok.

View our range of these popular cups and water bottles, including Frank Green Accessories like lid packs, strap packs and drink cup holders for the car!

Who and What is Frank Green?

Frank Green was founded in Melbourne, Australia (a top contender for 'coffee capital of the world') and was born of a desire to do better for the planet. Addressing the serious and ever-growing issue of disposable plastics and single-use coffee cups, Frank Green has produced a multi-award-winning range of reusable coffee cups and water bottles that are stylish, practical. 

Since its beginnings, Frank Green has received a bunch of awards in areas including design, business and eco principles. They are undoubtable becoming one of Australia's (and the worlds) most popular and desirable reusable cups.

As for who is Frank Green, well......there isn't one. The Frank Green name comes from the companies sustainability ethos which is 'being Frank about living Green.' 

Where are Frank Green bottles made?

Frank Green is Australian-designed and owned, and made responsibly in Melbourne, Victoria. There are a few components that are made in China, but for the most part, it is important to the brand that its drinkware is locally made.

Why isn’t my Frank Green straw working?

This is a common question and one that is easily solved. You have to push the mouthpiece all the way back until it clicks into place. This can be a little difficult with new products, but with regular use, it will become much easier!

Ensure that your straw is securely attached to the silicone tube on the underside of the lid. The straw is removable for thorough cleaning and if it has become loose can cause poor suction.

For further clarification please view our Tik Tok video!

Can you put hot water in your Frank Green?

Absolutely. Frank Green cups are vacuum -sealed and keep your drinks hot for longer than a regular cup would. If you want to get the most out of your hot beverage, don’t open the lid unless you’re drinking from it.

How long will my Frank Green Bottle stay cold for?

The Frank Green cups and bottle have double-walled thermal insulation, which retains heat or keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours. Soooo handy!!!

Why does my Frank Green cup smell?

Over time all plastic products can become porous so you may notice a slight smell of what you usually drink from your Frank Green. Ceramic lining can have a peculiar smell, when you are unaccustomed to it, this is completely normal and does not affect the flavour of your beverage.

For any stains or smells, in addition to regular cleaning, it's recommended to soak your cup or bottle overnight in bi-carb soda and a little vinegar mixed with some warm water. 

Why is my Frank Green leaking?

This may be due to a few reasons, here is what to look out for-

1.You may have overfilled the max fill line.

2. Your hot beverage has created steam and pressure within your button lid cup.

3. A fixture in the lid may be loose within your button lid cup.

4.The straw isn’t properly fitted within your straw lid cup.

How do I clean my Frank Green bottle? Can Frank Green go in the dishwasher?

Certain parts of Frank Green bottles and cups can be put in the dishwasher and some need to be washed by hand. Here is a list of what can and can't be put in the dishwasher -

Original Cup: Put the whole thing in the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel Cup: Lid in the dishwasher, wash cup by hand. Simply pop the lid into the open position, upside down on the top shelf of your dishwasher. This is important to protect the lid, otherwise, the pressure can build up and damage the seal!

Ceramic Cup: Lid in the dishwasher, wash cup by hand.

Straws & Lid Buttons: Both can go in the dishwasher or use a reusable straw cleaning brush. Simply wash the parts in warm soapy water and give them a thorough scrub with the brush.  

Are Frank Green Cups leak proof and spill proof?

Yes, the Frank Green award-winning lid design is constructed to be leak and spill-proof. It does require some disassembly to clean at times so make sure you've put it back together properly and test it afterwards.

What is the difference between the Original Cup and the Ceramic Cup?

The Original cup is how it all started for Frank Green. The multi-award-winning original reusable cup is made from quality materials, with a stain & odour resistant inner lining & a smart double-walled thermo outer layer that keeps your drink hotter or colder for longer than a single-use cup will.

The Original Cup is incredibly durable and long-lasting, meaning it can easily withstand the rough & tumble. The non-slip grip feels great in your hands, it comes with Frank Green's patented push-button lid that won't spill, & it's 100% dishwasher safe.

The Ceramic Cup will retain your drinks temperature for hours (and hours!). It is the ultimate reusable cup. It looks beautiful, maintains the liquid temperature you desire for hours and tastes the way your barista intended. It has a ceramic outer and a stainless steel inner.

Do Frank Green fit in a cup holder?

Frank Greens 595ml cups/bottles fit in a standard cup holder.

To combat the problem with larger bottles rolling around on the floor of your car, we have a couple of options for you.

Willy and Bear cup holder expanders were created specifically to fit the very popular Frank Green Water Bottles. Willy and Bear is proud to say they are 100% Australian owned and made and their products are also made of 100% recyclable materials, making their product the most ethical available on the market.

Shop our range of Willy and Bear Cup Expanders. You'll love them!

frank green cup holder for car

We also stock Frank Green Cup Holders. With many colours to chose from you can mix and match your drink bottle and car cup holder. So much choice!

Does Frank Green have a warranty?

As stated on Frank Greens website there is a 12-month warranty period from the date of purchase. Under the Australian consumer law, Frank Green will repair, replace or refund (wholly/partially) items that arrive damaged or arrive faulty. Proof of purchase is required.

Are all Frank Green lids the same size?

Yes, each lid is interchangeable and fits all Frank Green reusable cups and bottles. The universal lid size makes it easy to find a matching lid or switch lids with ease. You can switch lid colour or switch from a push top to a straw lid!

So, if you need a new lid or feel like mixing it up with a change of lid colour have a look at our Frank Green Duo Lids Packs (which include a strap and straw as well!)

Where can I buy Frank Green?

Spoilt Gift and Homewares is an official Frank Green Stockist. Shop Frank Green online or in one of our Melbourne stores. Receive free gift wrapping and quick shipping when you shop Frank Green at Spoilt!

Can't decide which Frank Green to buy?

If you're thinking.....huh?.. it is just a water bottle. Well, we won't blame you but if you haven't tried it then maybe it's time you jumped on the bandwagon and decide for yourself. You'll soon see why this Australian company has become a global internet sensation.

Be warned though, the choice of what colour, size and lid isn't as easy as it may seem. We've made it a little easier by separating categories so decide on whether it's a water bottle or coffee cup that you're after (or one of both) and head here-


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