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Picnic Essentials: Tis' the Season to Enjoy the Sunshine!

Picnic Essentials: Tis' the Season to Enjoy the Sunshine!

Picnics fresh out of lockdown were gouda... but they can only get feta. (Sorry... we can't help ourselves when it comes to cheese.) The summer months call for long days outside with friends and family, day trips, camping holidays, watching the sunset and of course: picnics! Here at Spoilt, we have all the picnic essentials you could need for an amazing picnic lunch or long boozy afternoon including the cozy blanket, eco-essentials for your fave snacks, wine coolers and the Picnicmate to set it all up on, mess free! So all you need is some good company (solo picnics are fun too though) and of course, your phone to snap cute pics!

There's no better way to enjoy a great outdoor space whether that's your big backyard, the beach or the forest, then by setting up a picnic and tapping into your nostalgia and sense of romance! 

picnic mat pretty peonies annabel trends

Lettuce celebrate the perfect picnic day with our new product: the amazing Picnic Mat in Pretty Peonies by Annabel Trends. This picnic mat also comes in Monstera print (currently sold out, awaiting a restock) so you can reflect the sunny days of flowering spring and summer with your picnic mat! This perfect gift for any picnic-lover is 2m x 2m and features cushioning with inner foam, so you're super comfy no matter the natural landscape you set up on! She's also easy to fold and roll up with a velcro closure and carry handle, to make your life as easy breezy as it could be! 

picnicmate by couchmate

Oh kale yeah, it's a picnic! Our favourite picnic accessory (in our opinion a MUST HAVE) and the perfect gift for anyone frequenting the long leisurely afternoons outdoors, is of course the popular Picnic Mate by Couchmate! Avoid the need to find flat surfaces and go spill-free without having to balance your wine, with the super awesome mini table for all your cheeses, dips and fruit platters! The Picnic Mate features two drink holders and foldable legs that can go flat, up and down in height and can even alternate in height to work on an angled ground! With an included carry bag, this baby is the ultimate gift for you or somebody special, to help you maximise your next adventure! 

cooler bag llama cockatoo is gift

"Alpaca lunch!" You can now yell across the room as your partner grabs the picnic rug and you grab the cooler bag, to keep all your meals, sandwiches and drinks cool! In the super cute patterns of Cockatoo or Llama, you can be practical and cute with our lunch bags that will last throughout your whole summer (and many summers to come!) Shop the Aus Collection Cockatoo Cooler Bag by IS Gift for a kit complete with a Cockatoo head cooler for all your drinks and cheeses! Or shop the Insulated Lunch Bag in Llama by Sachi for smaller getaways and llama fans!

oasis gift wine cooler tumbler bottles stainless steel

On the top of our list for perfect gift ideas for an Aussie summer are the amazingly versatile wine bottles, wine tumblers, champagne flutes and gift sets in insulated stainless steel! Shop any combination of Wine Essentials by Oasis depending on your needs and budget or give the gift of the year with the Wine Gift Set 3pc by Oasis in Midnight, also available in a range of fun and classic colours! These amazing day-out essentials keep your wine, beer or kombucha cold for up to 24 hours and hold 750mL. 

reusable food wrap ecopocket is gift

You've got your drinks sorted, now you just need food for the picnic! We love being eco-friendly and waste-conscious and one of the biggest trends of 2020 is to be kind to our planet and minimise plastic wherever you can! Don't be a litterer, respect the outdoor space that you're enjoying and make sure to take any rubbish with you! The perfect tools to help with that are the Ecopockets S2 by Davis & Waddell for your sandwiches, cut up fruit and pre-cut veggies for your dip! We love to be prepared when planning day trips and it's always so much nicer pre-preparing your sandwiches and snacks than getting to your location and realising there's no supermarket!!! Further your plastic-free mission with the handy Reusable Food Wrap S4 by IS Gift to cover salads, wrap cheese or keep meals fresh because really... who even uses plastic wrap anymore?!

eco cutlery bamboo cutlery wrap Ioco

Further your eco-mobility with the essential inclusion to any picnic: reusable cutlery! Minimise your rubbish and don't forget the knives (to cut the cheeses of course) by grabbing one of these amazing travel sets: the Bamboo Cutlery Wraps by IoCo in Navy or Natural. These compact, eco kits are not only kind to the planet but fit perfectly in your picnic basket, backpack or camping bag so you can be ready to munch on a salad or complete a cheese board: anywhere, anytime! These also make brilliant gifts for Christmas, Kris Kringle or as part of a bundle for brunching outdoors so get in quick and grab a couple of sets today! 

reusable eco straws wheat bamboo IoCo

Complete Christmas, make their birthday or add to your picnicking collection with the #1 essential for an eco-warrior and cocktail-extraordinaire: the reusable straw! We have a huge range of Reusable Straw Sets depending on preference and need in glass, wheat, bamboo, BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. Make fancy mixed drinks and protect the ocean all in one purchase with our favourites: the Wheat Straws 20cm 50Pk by IoCo or the popular Reusable Bamboo Straws S4 by IS Gift.

Shop Spoilt and picnic happy! Click & Collect also available. 

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