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Shop the 2020 favourite: the bright Sunshine Planter Range!

Shop the 2020 favourite: the bright Sunshine Planter Range!

sunshine planter range in blue pink and orange urban products

THE SUNSHINE PLANTERS ARE BACK! Calling all Summer enthusiasts, all sun-kissed plant-lovers and all home decor specialists: The Sunshine Planter range by Urban Products is back online, in-store and available just in time for the Holidays! How gorgeous is this range which comes in pink sunshine, blue sunshine and orange sunshine in multiple shapes and sizes of the classic Urban Products hand-painted ceramic! Celebrate an Aussie Summer the right way... in the sun! 

blue sunshine ceramic planter hanging standing


For the lovers of navy against a white background (classic blue was the Pantone 2020 colour of the year you know) we have the stunning Blue Sunshine Planters by Urban Products available in two sizes (the large size is currently sold out, awaiting order delivery) complete with a hand-painted ceramic finish and a drainage hole so your plant-babes can be thoroughly hydrated and drained! This gorgeous navy palette with orange streaks also comes in the classic indoor jungle favourite: the Hanging Planter in Blue Sunshine 13cm 

blue sunshine planter range urban products

On the darker end of the palette, featuring bold and contrasting tones, this planter in navy and bright orange is perfect for indoor plant enthusiasts or as a gift to someone special, to remind them to keep walking on sunshine!

Available designs: Blue Sunshine Planter with Legs in 11cm for succulents, small cacti and propagations (or for layering your interior look,) Blue Sunshine Planter Medium in 17cm, perfect for medium sized plants or to gift (amazing Kris Kringle gifts are gifts including PLANTS) or the gorgeous Blue Sunshine Vase in 24cm to complete the look, create height or to display your beautiful florals with a statement piece! 

orange and pink sunshine planters hanging standing

If you're after the classic sunrise and sunset hues of orange and pink then this colour palette is yours! These gorgeous tones come in the hanging planter design (our number one choice for gifting and bathroom design) and standing planters, in a unique finish! Representative of a beach holiday, you can shop the beautiful Pink Sunshine Hanging Planter perfectly matched (duh) with the standing Pink Sunshine Planter in Small 13cm by Urban Products

Alternatively, (or as well as, go on and treat yourself!) we of course have the classic favourite: the Orange Sunshine Planter in Small 13cm and the matching Orange Sunshine Hanging Planter to light up any room, whether it's new bedroom decor, a bathroom redesign or a classic vintage interior accent, these planters will shine!!!


orange sunshine planter urban products standing vase

The 70s called... they want their homewares back! (Don't give it to them, they've had their time!) Enjoy the blast from the past or gift a beautiful homeware item to your fave vintage-extraordinaire with the incredibly bright and fun Orange Sunshine Planter in Medium 17cm by Urban Products and of course coupled with the defining Orange Sunshine Vase in 24cm and the Orange Sunshine Planter with Legs 11cm. Whether you're after a plant-lover's Kris Kringle gift, the office Secret Santa (it's time for something other than socks and a mug, isn't it?) or you just feel like treating yourself: the Sunshine range is scientifically proven to brighten your day! (Don't quote us on that...)


sunshine planter range

Which homeware item is your favourite? We can't decide, they're all so pretty! If you don't find what you're looking for feel free to give one of our stores a call or send us an enquiry through the website and we'll see if we can help you track down your perfect Christmas (or self care) gift! Sunshine Mug is currently on order and should arrive online and in-store shortly. 

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