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WANNA PIECE OF ME? New Puzzles In Stock!

WANNA PIECE OF ME? New Puzzles In Stock!

If you're back in isolation, still working from home and in need of new family hobby - Spoilt has your missing piece! Check out our new range of Australiana Puzzles by Ashdene designed by Australian artist Natalie Jane Parker that just hit our shelves! You can grab these beauties in-store and online as well as a bunch of your favourites that are now BACK IN STOCK!

We like to keep our Australiana gifts and homewares classy and truly representative of our beautiful country, and what better way to represent those values than by displaying Natalie Jane Parker's artwork in our stores and your home! Don't worry, all of Ashdene's puzzles in stock are made from recycled cardboard so your eco-conscience can be clear! 

If you have a friend who loves native florals, whether it's for their birthday or just a pick me up, this Native Grace 500 Piece Puzzle is the perfect gift! 

native grace florals flora jigsaw puzzle

Sending an "I love you" to family overseas? Our Fauna of Australia: Kookaburras 500 Piece Puzzle is the perfect way to remind them of home, of you, of one day being reunited.

kookaburras fauna Australian puzzle jigsaw

If the trouble maker of the country is more representative, then why not make them laugh with the Bird and Flora: Magpie 500 Piece Puzzle

Australian fauna magpies jigsaw puzzle

Some of our favourites include the beautifully designed Bird and Flora: Blue Wren 500 Piece Puzzle and Fauna of Australia: Koala and Wren 500 Piece Puzzle, as they make such beautiful prints when completed! Treat yourself to some family time and frame the puzzle afterwards, to get the most out of these detailed, eco-friendly puzzles!  

Australian flora and fauna blue wren jigsaw puzzle

Australian fauna and flora koala and blue wren jigsaw puzzle

If Australiana is not your thing, (we don't get you) do not worry! The fun tube box 500 and 1000 Piece Puzzles by Ridley's come in a variety of designs to perfectly reflect you, your family, your partner, your friends or the birthday star! Freshly RESTOCKED online and in-store, they make the perfect gift, surprise parcel or wholesome family activity!

The popular Dog Lover's 1000 Piece Jigsaw boasts 54 dog breed illustrations all hand-drawn and is completed with a glossy finish for later display. Perfect for any dog lover or as a gift to yourself and your pooch (they can help!) 

dog puzzle jigsaw Ridleys

Get ready for Father's Day or a boozy games night with friends with the Beer Lover's 500 Piece Jigsaw and the classic Whiskey Lover's 500 Piece Jigsaw to explore the regions and popular brands of your fav drinks! 

beer lovers jigsaw

whiskey lovers

Dry July'ers might want to look away on that one, but we've got you covered too! Any caffeine fans will love our Premium Coffee Lover's 500 Piece Jigsaw as once completed, it acts as a guide to all the Melbourne barista orders we know and love, looking incredible as a framed print in your kitchen once finished!

coffee lovers puzzleLastly, the widely popular Inspirational Women 1000 Piece Jigsaw is the prime time of gift-giving, as not only does it provide the meditation, mindfulness and boredom-relief you're looking for in a puzzle, but it has a brilliant guide to 54 female icons and their biographies- incase you also need a new role model.  

inspirational women jigsaw puzzle



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