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Quirky Socks for Father's Day!

Quirky Socks for Father's Day!

What better gift is there for Father's Day than a trusty pair of socks? You really can't go wrong with the classic go-to gift (even if it's the running joke of the family, we all know he secretly loves it.) The perfect addition to any gift and perfectly tailored to his personality, our huge range of quirky and comfy sock designs are sure to keep him cosy and warm. 

Our socks are one of our favourite products because there are so many comfy designs to choose from and our Men's Socks and Slippers are the perfect things to keep Dad going until Spring! We've got a few favourites to share with you including some newbies, but there are heaps more to choose from, all available online and ready to ship to you or daddio in time for Father's Day this September 6th!

Car Socks Quirky

The classic Car Socks by My2Socks for the classic car-obsessed Dad are not only long, super comfy and fun but they're cheaper than a car! (and almost just as good...right?)

guitar socks

Another classic favourite, the Guitar Socks by My2Socks are perfect for any music-loving dad, musician or guitar playing-husband! Help Dad jump on the quirky socks bandwagon (it should be easy... he's already in a band, right?)

Bubbleobill Bubble-o-bill socks my2socks

The Aussie icon is back- in a new colour!!! Everyone loved a Bubble-O-Bill on a summer's day and even the dairy-free can now get around the old fav with a pair of deliciously bubblegum coloured Retro Ice Cream Socks in Mint by My2Socks.

Footy Socks by My2Socks


For all the sports Dads out there we have the new Footy Match Socks by My2Socks in a gorgeous green and navy. Give Dad something to feel festive in (while still being the true bloke he is) on Footy Matchday!


Panda Socks My2Socks


Something for nature dad or a man that just loves Pandas, (how could you not) we have our new Panda Socks by My2Socks in gorgeous turquoise shades! These socks are all unisex so why not treat yourself to these cuties while shopping for Dad? You deserve it!

Grumpy Olds Man Blue Q Socks

Blue Q Socks are another great option to give Papa Bear 'the useful gift' that still gets a good laugh! Blue Q Socks are all made from a comfy blend of cotton, nylon and spandex and come in a huge range of hilarious quotes and unique designs! Our pick for Daddio is the Grumpy Old Man Socks by Blue Q, perfect for any frown-frequenter. 

Dad You Rock!

Lastly, for those of you that are looking for something a little bit more special, we have a few Boxed Socks left, perfect for the Dads that deserve a little extra comfort and a little extra softness. Our favourite for the Dads that totally rock, (couples perfectly with the guitar socks) the Dad You Rock Boxed Socks by Annabel Trends are seriously cosy and beautifully boxed, making them perfect for gifts! 


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