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Styling Your Indoor Plants with The DIY Decorator

Styling Your Indoor Plants with The DIY Decorator

Living in the hustle and bustle of the city can make it hard to have a nice garden - especially when you're restricted by only having a small balcony if you're lucky! To combat these indoor plants have become a huge thing for many city dwellers. We caught up with The DIY Decorator to ask her some tips on styling indoor plants

Hey Zoe. So tell us a little bit about your stylish gram and blog and how you got started?
I started The DIY Decorator 4 years ago when I became a stay at home mum. I am a qualified interior decorator but had been working in other industries and was really missing it. So I began the account to share my home decorating photos and DIY projects and fill some of my time. My love of affordable home decorating obviously struck a chord with people, and soon I had hundreds, them thousands of followers. So what started as nothing more than a fun Instagram account has grown into a business where I am able to help and inspire home decorators across Australia and further to achieve their home decorating goals on any budget! 

What was the reaction when you got your delivery from Spoilt?
I absolutely loved opening my parcel! I knew the items were going to be gorgeous, but up close, they were even better! They are both quality pieces and the detail in them is amazing!

Why did you choose the two Urban Products pots for your beautiful bedroom?
As soon as I saw both the face and rainbow planter on the Spolit website, I knew that they would both be great products for both my home and to share with my followers! Both the face planters and the rainbows are very on-trend and something I knew I had to share!

Are you for faux or real plants and how did you pick the ones for these cute pots?
I'm team faux and real! It depends on the lighting in your home. Some areas just don't get enough natural light, so an artificial plant is a great option! These days you can pick up some very realistic ones too. For the two pots from Spolit, I wanted to use real plants as they were both going in a room with plenty of sunlight. I also liked the idea of the plant I used in the face planter being like hair. So watching it grow will be fun.

What do you think about the plant trend? 
I think plants should always be on-trend and in every home!! Greenery, whether it is real or artificial, makes a room. Often by adding a plant, it brings life to a space and gives it a finished feel as well. Plants suit all interior styles and I think should be in every room of the home! I love that people are embracing the plant trend and using them in their homes.  The perfect way to bring a little bit of the outside in.

Any tips for people choosing planters for their home?
Choose planters that fit the style of your home so that they fit in well with your furnishings and decor. Choose designs which look great together based on their colour, style, pattern and texture. I like to use different sized pots together in a group to create little pockets of greenery. Pots not only look great on the floor, but on top of furniture as well. Pop on or two on the side of your TV unit, coffee table, dining table or even bedside table to add a pop of colour which will spark joy in

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